1. What is MLM Connect?

MLM Connect is a social networking platform developed specially for the MLM entrepreneurs. Whether you're a MLM entrepreneur (or just looking to become one), an MLM Company, or a Vendor with products and/or services geared toward the MLM Industry, MLM Connect will improve your bottom line! MLM Connect is the place to connect with other MLM entrepreneurs and prospects, to expand your network, find the right MLM Company and Sponsor, meet and talk with some of the most successful Network entrepreneurs in the world, get inside information and reviews on MLM opportunities, enhanced your own personal profile in the global MLM space and brand, post contents and establish yourself as a MLM business leader to attract quality leads, promote your product and business, gain access to affordable premium ad space.


2. Who can join MLM Connect?

You must be at least 18 years old or a legal entity as in an Enterprise or a Corporation.


3. What is the website URL of MLM Connect?



4. Can I have more than one membership?

No. Only ONE membership is allowed per legal entity.


5. What are the category of membership available?

Currently we offer 1 category of membership, the Personal.


6. How much does it cost to join the Personal membership?

Currently the membership fee is US$200 per year. The Company reserved the rights to increase the membership fee in tandem with the growth of the membership, services, and benefits.


7. How can I pay for my membership?

We accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay in Bitcoins.


8. How do I pay for my renewal of my Membership?

The Company will automatically deduct your renewal Membership fee from your e-wallet. If you don’t have enough e-wallet credits you must purchase them from the Company.


9. Do I renew my membership at the same position I register earlier on?



10. Do I earn commission when my downlines renew their membership?

Yes. Every renewal will be treated as new sale and commission will be tabulated accordingly.


11. What happen if I fail to renew my Membership?

The Company will send you a renewal notice 14 days before your expiry date. Please ensure you have enough e-wallet credit for renewal. If you fail to renew at the end of the joining anniversary date your position in the structure will be flagged permanently and stop earning commission.


12. Can I terminate/delete my membership?

Yes, you can. Send in your request to support@mlmconnect.net. After verification process is confirmed your membership will be terminated/deleted.


13. What is a Verified member?

As a “Verified” member, it means that the Company has verified the legal identity of the member and this will enhanced the trust and transparency level among the MLM Connect community toward the member.


14. How to get verified?

For the Personal membership, you must submit a scan copy of your International Passport or National ID Card and the latest utility bill to the Company. For the Enterprise and Corporate you must submit a scan copy of the Business Registration or the Article of Incorporation


15. What is Dashboard?

A Dashboard is an easy to read real time user interface, providing you a crisp, visual representation of the features currently available in MLM Connect in a single page.


16. What is Time Line?

The Time Line allow the member to post activities, share a photo or embed a YouTube video for other members to view and comment on. It is a real time feed of events.

TThe company will not tolerate any inappropriate, vulgar or racial postings and reserve the right to cancel and terminate your membership if you are found doing so.


17. What is “Rating”?

It is the symbol of the level of recognition and acknowledgement from the members, based on their previous interaction with you.


18. What is New Member Greetings?

The Company will send out regular emails to inform you on new members who has just join MLM Connect. Send them a welcome note and earn yourself activity points.


19. What is Preferred Connection?

The Company will randomly assign verified members (max 10 per week, for 52 weeks) for you to connect with them. Every connection will earn you $1.


20. What is Featured Profile?

This is for members who want to boost their profile exposure to a targeted group (members) in our platform.


21. What is Premium Banner Advertising?

Several high-visibility position are available at the Dashboard and the rest of the platform to display your brand and marketing message to the MLM Connect community. You can choose from the following ad size and position.

    - Leaderboard
    - Permium Banner
    - Inpost Banner

Please check http://www.mlmconnect.net/ads_rate.php for rate and booking dateline.


22. What is Get Paid to View Program?

Under this program, you will be paid to view an advertisement (classified or banner) inserted by advertiser who conduct a targeted advertising campaign. Your earning will range from $0.5 to $1.


23. What is Activity Points?

To encourage you to be active in the platform we have prepare a list of activities that you can participate and earn points.

No. Activity Activity Point
1 Frequent login
- Login into your account at 5 different days in a week
- Stay connected for an accumulative of a minimum 3 hours to start earning Activity Point

Log On Period:
      - 3 Hours 10
      - 6 Hours 30
      - 9 Hours 40
      - 12 Hours 120
2 Greeting to New Member 10
3 Time line posting 10
4 Comment on Time line posting 10
5 Completeness of Profile
      - Upload Profile Photo 50
      - Profile Verification 100
      - Upload Products Display photos 10
      - Description of your Business 50
      - Expression of your Purpose 50
6 Likes on Profile 10
7 Favorite on Profile 10
8 Invite Friends 10


24. What can I use with my Activity Point?

Your Activity Point can be converted into cash, game tokens (use at www.mega-forcast.com) and pay for to pay your “Products for Sale” advertisement at the Market Place.

Activity Point Conversion Rate
500 US$ 1
500 1 Game Token (GT)


25. How can I contact the Company?

You can contact the Company through: http://www.mlmconnect.net/contact.php.


26. Where is the Company’s Corporate Headquarters?

It is located at Wells Fargo Tower, 299 South Main St, Suite 1300 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, United States of America.


27. How do I report problems with the website?

Write to support@mlmconnect.net. You can also reach the support using the Message Center module at the Dashboard.


28. Why do I need to update my profile?

Like in any other social media platform, a complete and updated profile will attract more attention and searches by other members in the MLM Connect community.


29. Why do I need to upload a profile photo?

As a saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, to have a profile photo is one of the most effective ways to increase the interest of other member to view your profile and to get maximum exposure. This will push your profile to a higher ranking in the MLM Connect community.


30. Why my profile photo shows “Pending Approval” after I have uploaded it?

All photos, profile and product uploaded at MLM Connect will require Administrator approval to avoid any misuse and inappropriate photo. Usually it will take about 24 hours to 48 hours for the Administrators to review and approve your photo.


31. What is Market Place?

We understand that not all MLM business builders are full time. They have their own profession like doctors, real estate agents and many others. We provide avenue for these members to advertise their products and services in the Market Place. For example, a real estate agent might advertise the properties available for sale.


32. When will I receive my commission payment?

All commission are tabulated on a real time basis. Your earning will be stored in your e-wallet at the back office and can be used to register new member, transfer to other member who need e-wallet, to pay for advertisement space, participate in the Reverse Auction or make a cash withdrawal. Cash withdrawal are available on every Friday. The minimal withdrawal amount is US$200.00.


33. How do I get paid?

Your withdrawal will be in Bitcoin and transfer to your Bitcoin wallet. Or, you can request your withdrawal to be credit into your local banks. This will involve bank charges and takes 7 banking days.


34. Forgot Password?

If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot Password” tab, the system will send you a verification email to the email address that you used to register your membership. Follow the instructions inside the verification email to set a new password. Do not contact the support as none of the staff will know the password as it is encrypted.


35. Is my information kept private?

Absolutely. We do not share any personally information about you to any third party.


36. What if I don't receive emails from MLM Connect?

If you do not receive any emails from MLM Connect since the beginning of your registration, there are a few places it could have ended up.

1) The emails may have been marked as SPAM by your Internet service provider. Check your SPAM folder to see if this is the case.
2) Some mail programs (Outlook, Windows Mail) have integrated junk mail filtering. Check your junk mail folders in these programs and verify the emails from MLM Connect wasn't filtered.

If you still unable to find the emails you will need to contact our support at http://www.mlmconnect.net/contact.php for further assistant.


37. How do I make money in MLM Connect?

When you refer your friends to join MLM Connect, you earn referral commission. Please check http://www.mlmconnect.net/payplan.php for complete details.


38. How do I signup someone in another country?

When you register with MLM Connect you will be given a replicator page http://www.mlmconnect.net/{username}. Send this link to all yours prospects and when they register using the link they will be placed in your group and every paid membership will earn you commission.


39. Will I be able to see my referrals?

When you have completed your registration, you will be a given a back office to track all your referrals and income.


*The content in the website has been translated into multi languages. In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of the website content, the English language will prevail.